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The Climate Academy

CliDemy is a venture aimed at providing effective education, training & skills for climate action on a massive scale - to 1 billion people by 2030 and 3 billion by 2035.


Clidemy aspires to provide effective climate education to a billion people by 2030. Now, that’s a humongous number.

Two key words stand out: Effective & Billion.

We realized very early in our design that effective climate education needs an approach that is customized and innovative. What’s needed? A different education design.

We also realized that reaching a billion people is simply not possible if we follow a do-it-all-yourself approach. What’s needed? A different approach to achieve scale.


8S Framework

Climate education is complex. Not surprisingly, climate education world over is currently poorly designed, fragmented and as a result, ineffective.

Do we have a magic wand at Clidemy that we can swish and wish away the complexity? Perhaps not. But we have a framework that we believe will provide a clear motivation for hundreds of millions to get educated on climate action, and clear pathways and enablers to get such education

We call it the 8S framework, because, well it focuses on education for 8 key stakeholder segments for climate action.


The story behind clidemy

Would you like to know why a bunch of climate tech consultants got it into their heads that they should do something beyond consulting?


CliDemy Quiz

Learn climate action the fun way

Put together by CliDemy curious cats, the Quiz will enlighten you about climate tech in an entertaining way


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