CliDemy - The Climate Academy - Climate for Entrepreneurs

With an aim to promote better understanding of food and
nutrition and strike an open dialogue with school children

This initiative is inspired by the vision of Akshayakalpa Organic to create

awareness about the impact of making the right food choices. The program

strives to equip young school students with verified information about

nutrition by subject matter experts and provide them with invaluable

hands-on experience to get to the roots of their food

Designed in a way to pique the interest in young minds about the significance

of nutrition, this interactive program empowers them to make informed

choices about the food they eat and develop healthy eating habits from an

early age – benefitting the students’ overall well-being. Through informative

farm-visits, students can delve into the origins of their food, learn how it is

grown and learn the art of selecting food that is beneficial for them.

These immersive encounters set the stage for a generation of eaters who are

conscious about what they put on their planet and its impact on the planet too!

Here’s what’s in store!