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About CliDemy

What would you call an effort that appears impossible, yet if implemented can make an exceptional difference to our planet & people?

We got different answers when we asked the above question to different people

Our answer is: Insanity really worth pursuing

CliDemy’s goal is to provide effective climate education, training or skilling to 1 billion people worldwide by 2030 - the qualifying word is effective. Our goal is to make this number even larger by 2035 - 3 billion people climate educated & skilled, which would be about 30% of the global population by that time.

What are these numbers right now? No one knows, for, in the first place there is no well accepted definition of what is climate education. But we reckon it would be in the few tens of millions worldwide if one were to consider climate education as something that has made people really climate conscious and enabled them to take effective actions aligned to environment and climate.

So at CliDemy we wish to expand the global climate educated population 50-100 fold in about seven years and about 300 fold in about ten.

The challenge with effective climate education (once again, note the word effective) is that it not only requires billions of people learning a wide variety of new things, but also learning it in a way that it makes a really positive impact on climate. For the latter, it could also require unlearning lots of things!

You want a real challenge? You have it!

So what made a bunch of folks who were doing management consulting for the climate sector - a rather secure and civilized profession - get out and try this really hard, super crazy swing?

We think that the real answer is: purpose. We had been doing management consulting for over a decade and had the fortune to have a ringside view of most of the important verticals that constitute climate tech & climate action today.

One day, a line from Robin Sharma’s book got into our (founders’) minds - the purpose of life is a life of purpose. This sentence refused to leave our minds.

Here we were, having specialized knowledge of the sector climate tech, and all we were doing was consulting - business as usual. Could our knowledge in perhaps the most critical sector today be put to much, much larger purpose? - we asked ourselves.

The thinking around purpose led us to CliDemy.

The good thing about having a real purpose in life is, it keeps you steady in times of turbulence and gives you the strength to overcome what could otherwise appear insurmountable.

We hope the sense of real purpose does its job for us too!

Narasimhan Santhanam - Co-founder & Director


Manohar Namasivayam - Co-founder & Advisor


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Timeline of CliDemy Journey

Some folks we have helped

Along our long journey, from Oilgae to CliDemy, we have been fortunate to have interacted with & helped over 5000 climate action stakeholders worldwide - Fortune 100 firms, global organisation, financial institutions, city- state-national-international-governments, researchers, entrepreneurs, startups, mom-and-pop entreprises, passionate individuals, farmers…

Every interaction has taught us something and every engagement has made us a bit wiser. We thank every one of these thousands for making our team what it is today, and for helping us found CliDemy.